Gift for Employees

The Cocoa Forest is a quality chocolate boutique with Mehadrin kosher certification. All products are made by hand, from excellent natural ingredients. Our chocolate collections are beautifully packaged and include a dizzying range of flavors for any occasion.
Spoil your employees with a rich, rewarding collection filled with the best of products or with an exciting workshop and – along the way – support a small Israeli enterprise and local production. We have extensive experience working with companies and human resources personnel and have already made numerous employees from a range of businesses large and small happy. Let us work with you to create the festive collection perfect for your occasion. We ship all over Israel and can deliver to your business or to each employee’s home.
Team Building Workshops
Our chocolate workshops provide a focus for your experience, building teams and giving them an entertaining opportunity for conversation and laughter. Praline workshops can be held in our boutique, in accordance with Health Ministry regulations, or you can order kits for your employees to use at home for an amazing Zoom workshop!
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The Cocoa Forest, 2 Poalei Tzedek Street, Talpiot, Jerusalem
Telephone: +972-77-558-1105
Mobile phone: +972-50-757-3213

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