I'm Ya'ara
Chocolatier, Mother, Love of Nature People and Chocolate
I hand make bold tasting, quality chocolate. My inspiration comes from nature, and my raw materials are sourced from Israeli farmers and the best chocolate producers in the world. The result is exciting chocolate products.
To Bring Home the Qualities of Nature
When I was a child, my father took me out into nature whenever possible. When hiking, we prepared meals from plants found in the forest and the desert – sorrel salad with thyme leaves, קזוח soup, freshly picked raspberries, sabra fruit (prickly pear), pomegranates, and more from nature.

I decided to bring my childhood’s wild flavors, packed with essence and health, to my chocolate: I collected everything from the forest and natural surroundings – fresh pine nuts from the Jerusalem Hills, mint and basil, passionflower, mulberries and cherries, apples and dates at Rosh HaShana (Jewish New Year), Etrog at Succot (Feast of the Tabernacles)… Nature and Paleo found their way to my pralines.
Raw Materials
When you want to bring nature in, you use nature. When I want to prepare chocolate with fruit, I use real fruits that have been picked at their peak and freeze dried to preserve their flavors.

The chocolate itself comes from the best companies in the world. When it comes to nature – I don’t compromise.
I Work with Quality Raw Materials Produced by Traditional Methids in Israel
I experiment and create new chocolate flavors with the assistance of a wonderful group of employees. I also lead many chocolate workshops for a range of clients, including some I dealt with while working as a lawyer – teens and young adults at risk, adults and children in distress – as well as high tech workers, management teams, soldiers and various organizations.
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