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Our Pralines - Your Experience

We meticulously concocted pralines in flavors that will awaken your taste buds, and packaged them one by one like precious jewels.Now, all you need to do is place an order that will take you on an adventure of deliciously dizzying flavors with those you love.

Uncompromising Quality
Raw Materials
We use only the best raw materials: prestigious chocolate; natural, quality fruit powders and extracts; and of course the freshest additions that nature showers upon us.
Our products are made by hand, with thought invested in each sweet bite that leaves our factory.
We draw considerable inspiration from the natural world that surrounds us, and all our flavors are local and connected to the land. This enables you to find raspberry and date flavors, alongside pine nuts, passionflower and basil in our products.
An Unforgettable Chocolate Experience
We believe that chocolate is not just food; it’s also an experience. You’re invited to a Cocoa Forest chocolate workshop that will awaken your senses. You’ll pour, taste, and combine to produce quality chocolate that is all you.
Our world of chocolate may begin in the factory, but it could come to your kitchen. This is the time to take our chocolate to new, as yet untasted, places.
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